Enough with the questions already?

When are questions good and when are they bad?

Questions are good when they service your partner, the scene you’re in and the audience. They’re bad when they’re a disservice to them.

Why are we doing this to our self and our partner?

I think there’s two main reasons we ask questions that are disservicing: Fear and unawareness.

How to approach this?

One of the easiest tools from the workshop is to turn any question into a statement. It takes no effort other than awareness. “Would you like a coffee” could be turned into “Here, I got you a coffee”. Even if you just realized that you’ve already asked a question, just turn it into a statement: “Would you like a coffee? Here, I got you a coffee”.


Should you stop asking questions? No. You might discover something new.



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Terje Brevik (NO)

Terje Brevik (NO)


Teacher of improvised theater methods for people on and off stage, founder of Tøyen Impro, the Short Notice Improv Festival and more.